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Classes 2023-24


Our classes are limited in size, and enrollment is based on a first-come basis. CERC cannot hold a seat in a class without a Complete Family Enrollment Packet . All classes have a maximum number of students allowed. When the maximum is reached, the class is closed. If you are interested, then you may be placed on a waiting list.

Academic Calendar 2023-24

Class Schedule  and Dual Credit on PDF 2023-24

Teacher Bios for 2023-24


Dual Credit Information 2023-24*

For more information on enrolling with CERC, see our Enrollment Information page.

TO SET APPOINTMENT for enrollment this summer, complete our CONTACT FORM and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

  ScienceMath English HistoryElectives/ Study Hall

Fall Semester LeTourneau Dual Credit*

8-8:55Chemistry (10-12th)Geometry (9th-12th) Cultural Geography (9th-12th)Study HallIntro to Fine Arts (9th-12th)
9-9:55 Algebra II (9th-12th)English I/Writing & Grammar (8th-9th) Study HallEnglish Comp I or II(10th-12th)
10-10:55Biology (8th-11th)Pre-Algebra (8th-9th)English II/III/ Am Lit (10th-11th) Study HallGovernment or Economics (11th-12th)
11-11:55 Algebra I (8th-10th) World History (9th-12th)Study HallCollege Algebra or Intermediate Algebra (11th-12th)
12-12:55Physical Science (8th-9th)  US History (9th-12th)Study HallIntro to Spanish I or Intro to Psych (10th-12th)

Optional Course (Orientation and Strategies for Success – 1 credit hour – free tuition)

 *Online Dual Credit:  To register, write in all DC Courses on the Student Enrollment Form LeTourneau Dual Enrollment Registration (tentative – coming April 3rd). The Dual Credit schedule is flexible – please let us know your interest. Fall class descriptions will be included when published and MOU finalized. LETU Tuition is $90 per credit hour for the semester. Most DC classes are 3 college credit hours.

Monthly fee of $20 will cover proctors duties. Proctor will be present for all DC classes and will:

  • Assist with successful navigation of Canvas, syllabus and expectations of class
  • Facilitate class, monitor grades, and proctor any written exams
  • Assist with transcript and application to LeTourneau University
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