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Accepting Class Submissions for 2020-2021

Yes! You read that correctly! It is time to think about which classes you would like to offer for the next academic year. 

Current instructors , if you plan to offer the same class(es) that you are currently teaching for next year, you need only complete the date, instructor’s name, and class title on the form. If you need to request days/times for the class, please complete that section of the form as well. Then if nothing else has changed, in the “Required Student Textbooks…” spot just write “Keep everything the same.” 

New instructors  and/or  new classes  will need to have a completely filled form turned in. The deadline for class submissions is November 29, 2019.You may drop the forms at the front desk at CERC, place them in Tabitha’s teacher folder or email them to Tabitha at  Education@CERConline.org
Please help us get the word out that class submissions are being accepted! Have interested persons email  Education@CERConline.org

Click here for Instructor forms