Homeschool curriculum is in high demand. CERC can help you find the curriculum that is just right for your family. The Book Store can also buy your used homeschool curriculum that is taking up space in your school room.

In choosing curriculum, it is important to consider family goals and dynamics, student learning styles, and the family financial budget.

Please come out to Rowlett to visit us! We have a growing inventory of used and new curriculum at competitive prices! We are happy to assist your family in choosing the most suitable curriculum and books.

If you are not able to make it into the book store, then you can support CERC by using the links to Amazon found in each class description. CERC, a non-profit organization, will receive a portion of the proceeds.

Book Buy Back Policy

Used books are purchased by appointment.  If you would like to sell your used curriculum and textbooks, please e-mail Liz Hach.  Click here for a link to e-mail.

  • Books must be current, especially Bob Jones and A Beka, in the current catalog.
  • We are currently not taking any consumable workbooks with writing; non-consumable books or curriculum with writing or highlighting must be minimal, less than 10% of the lesson material.
  • Books, workbooks, and kits cannot be missing pages or components.
Book and Curriculum Return Policy
  • Used Books must be returned within 1 week of purchase, with receipt for full refund.
  • New Books must be returned within 2 weeks of purchase, with receipt for full refund.
  • Books may be returned for store exchange, after the time period, as long as the book is returned in the same condition as it was purchased from the Bookstore.
Donating Books

The Christian Educators Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donations of curriculum and textbooks will be happily accepted on Thursday afternoons.

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