Wendy Ray


Mrs. Ray is passionate about the Deaf Community, her school communities, church, using her gifts of signs and her beloved magical wonderland, Disney World! She was born with a severe hearing loss but that has not stopped her from singing her heart out with praise and worship music; in fact, she knows almost ever Disney song by heart – words and SIGNS.
Mrs. Ray has had some of her hearing restored with the help of cochlear implants, and she is able to read lips very well.

Mrs. Ray graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts and Performance from University of Texas at Dallas with a double major in photography and education. She has put her education degree to good use teaching American Sign Language for a variety of schools and
tutoring clients. She put her photography degree to good use by creating her own business, Wendy Ray Photography.

When she isn’t pouring her heart into her work, you will find her spending time with her husband, spoiling her precious daughter, Abigail, reading and signing her WORD, and watching Disney movies. No matter what she is doing, she will have a coffee in her hand. Her time as a barista for Starbucks left her with an insatiable love for java!

Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.”

CERC Classes for 2019-2020: American Sign Language 1 – gr 9+,

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