Tina Castro

Tina Castro and her husband have been married for thirty years and have three daughters.  Two of them were home schooled right through high school graduation and have gone on to excel in college.  Their youngest  daughter will be an eleventh grader in 2019/2020.  Tina home schooled her daughters for sixteen years, participating in various extra-curricular activities including youth orchestras, fine art competitions and public speaking and debate.  Tina is fluent in Spanish.  She began learning the Spanish language as a child when her parents moved to Bolivia, South America, to serve as missionaries with their church for four years.  After she and her husband were married, they lived in Mexico and Venezuela for ten years.  Tina has taught Spanish as a second language to high school students in the home school community for more than ten years.  She is an experienced home school educator with a passion to inspire excellence in her students.

Favorite Quote: Excellence is not a skill.  It is an attitude.

CERC Classes for 2018-2019: Spanish 1, Spanish 2

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