Gina Fedderson

Version 3Gina Feddersonreceived a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Irvine in 1991 and a Master of Education and a Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential from UCLA in 1992.  She taught in the lower elementary grades for seven years, and she also served as an Early Intervention Literacy Program Coordinator and Master Teacher. She taught Effective Reading at TWU, UNT and UTA for eight years. She modified the university course for high school students and Effective Reading, Note-taking and Study Skills was created. She taught this course at a local co-op and CERC for six years. Most recently, Gina is a Reading Intervention Specialist for a private reading clinic. She is married and has two children, both recently graduated and attending college. One of her greatest privileges and joys was homeschooling her children for their entire schooling career.

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