Reading the Classics and More! – Elem – Gr 3-5


Let’s have fun with reading!  Some books are written to simply tell a story.  Others are written with a particular purpose in mind, such as exposing a social issue (racial tension, poverty, oppression of a particular group, etc.).  These authors tell the story as a vehicle for expressing their concern about the issue.  Many classics are written along these lines, such as Charles Dickens, whose concern for the poor and how they were being treated spurred him to create his stories.

In this class we will be choosing a book to read  from a list of classics that will include several choices and these are just a few:

WONDER,  A children’s novel By R.J. Palacio, written after her son noticed a girl with a severe facial difference and started to cry.  It is about a fictional boy with facial differences, and his experiences in everyday life dealing with the condition.

CHARLOTTE’S WEBB, By E.B. White, A children’s novel that tells the story of a livestock pig named Wilber and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte.

THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE, by Kate DiCamillo, is a novel containing several themes involving loss and recovery, kindness and compassion, and the journey to self-discovery.

TIGER RISING, By Kate DiCamillo, a novel about a 12 yr. old boy who finds a caged tiger in the center of the woods near his home.  The Caged tiger is a metaphor for Rob’s(the boy’s character) bottled up feelings.  His character changes as his feelings finally rise up and come to the surface.

BECAUSE OF WINN- DIXIE, By Kate DiCamillo, a novel about a dog who teaches opal how to love unconditionally by offering Opal companionship and understanding.  His love gives her the confidence to make new friends and fix her relationship with the preacher.

WHITE FANG, By Jack London, this book’s theme is that love begets love!  Its a classic tale about a wolf-dog who is tamed by the love and kindness of his gentle master and will do anything to protect him and his family.

THE GIVING TREE, BY Shel Silverstein, is a novel to help us learn the joy that is found in giving to others.

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, By Verne Jules




THE GIVER, By Lois Lowry

JOHNNY TREMAIN, By Esther Forbes


We will find creative ways to explore these exciting books of literature.  One of these ways will be for the students to take part in the stories themselves through reading aloud the various characters and acting out their roles.

After reading the book or books chosen from the above list, (some of these are for upper level reading, Middle Schoolers) we will examine the literary meanings through other’s responses to the book, formulate one’s own opinion and find support for this in the readings, and logically organize one’s thoughts through writing an essay or book report on your readings.

Come and join us as these stories come to life!!!!

Taught by Julie Taylor
Thursday @ 11:00 – 11:55

Class Code: LA2153

Tuition: $45

Materials Fee: $25

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 1

Required Materials: Paper, pocket folder w brads or notebook, pencil, pen, colored pencils

Textbook: Materials and handouts provided by teacher

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Term: Full Year
Minimum Students: 3    Maximum Students:  10 
Accept students mid-semester: Yes