Microsoft Office Basics – gr 9+ {ONLINE ONLY}

Online Class


Microsoft Office is by far the most commonly used tool for organizing, managing and presenting information. It is widely used in homes, schools, and businesses every day.  In fact, you will find that many job postings often list Microsoft Office applications as required or desired skills.  This course will cover the basic features for Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  Word allows you to create documents, Excel is used to analyze and visualize data, and PowerPoint helps to effectively present ideas.

This will be an online class, which means you do not even have to leave your house to participate.   Requirements include a laptop or desktop computer with reliable internet capability as well as Microsoft 365 or Office Home & Student 2019. Older versions of Office will be accepted with the understanding there may be compatibility issues in relation to button locations and various other features. The student will be responsible for overcoming any potential incompatibility.

I will be using Google Hangouts for video conferencing.  It is HIGHLY recommended the student use an additional device such as a phone, iPad, etc. to watch my presentation while maintaining Office in full view on their laptop or desktop for optimal learning.  I will provide time in class for students to work on an activity/homework assignment that sums up what we learned that day.  My goal is for them to finish in the time allotted but if not, they are to finish the assignment prior to the next class period.

Daily grades will be given for chosen activities and a cumulative test will be given upon completion of each application.


Taught by Toni Skipalis
Monday @ 1:00 – 2:55

Class Code: HE1199

Tuition: $65

Materials Fee: $0

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 1

Required Materials: {Online Class} -Laptop or Desktop, Microsoft 365 or Office Home & Student 2019, Reliable Internet connection, Google Hangouts


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Term: Fall Only
Minimum Students: 3    Maximum Students:  10
Accept students mid-semester: Yes