Geometry – gr 9+

Description: The study of Geometry will train students to think logically and learn the principles of deductive reasoning. Students will be introduced to a balanced study of proofs, theorems, and real-life geometry. Area, volume, congruence, similarity, space, transformations, and constructions will be included. The Intuitive Course presentation strategy will be followed.

This course is a partnership between teacher, student, and parent. It will be taught one hour, twice a week. My role as teacher is to clearly communicate the subject matter to my students and encourage them that it is not such a scary thing … it could possibly even be fun! Students are expected to arrive on time to each class, prepared and ready to learn. In addition, students are expected to ask questions during class if they don’t understand something. Parents are responsible for grading their student’s daily assignments. This partnership will provide the best possible learning environment for the student.

Prerequisite: Algebra 1.

Taught by Toni Skipalis
Monday and Wednesdays @ 10:00 – 10:55

Class Code: M2236

Tuition: $65

Materials Fee: $20

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 5-6

Required Materials: 3-ring binder, paper, pencils, compass, protractor, straight edge, and calculator

Textbook: BJU Geometry 4th Edition Student (ISBN: 978-1606828946) and Teacher 2 pc set (ISBN: 978-1606828953); Tests (978-1606828960)

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Term: Entire Year
Minimum Students: 3  Maximum Students: 10
Accept students mid-semester: Yes