Fundamentals of Math – gr 6-8

Description:  Students will develop and reinforce basic computational skills necessary for a strong mathematical foundation. In addition, they will gain confidence in solving everyday mathematical word problems as well as be prepared for their future study of Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Topics will include: whole numbers, decimals, fractions, geometry, equations, ratios, percents, integers, and problem solving strategies.  Extra instruction and personal attention for mastery of concepts will be available if necessary.

Taught by Dana Carpenter
Tuesday and Thursday @ 2:00 – 2:55

Class Code: M2235

Tuition: $65

Materials Fee: $35

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 4

Required Materials: spiral for notes, loose leaf paper, 3 ring binder with 3 dividers, compass and protractor second semester, access to computer and internet at home

Textbook: BJU Fundamentals of Math, 2nd ed Student Text ISBN: 9781591663751

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Term: Entire Year 
Minimum Students: 5    Maximum Students:   12
Accept students mid-semester: No