{2020/2021} Institute for Excellence in Writing 2 – gr 5+


IEW 2 will begin with a review of keyword outlines, dress-ups, openers, and techniques learned in IEW 1.  We will use numerous source models to practice writing structure and style.  In addition to mastering the techniques learned in IEW 1, stede3nts will learn to write five paragraph essays (including intro, conclusion, and bibliography). They will continue writing creative pieces and reports from multiple sources.  Students will also learn advanced dress-ups and how to create stories from pictures.  After completing both IEW 1 and IEW 2 students should have the tools they need to write confidently and effectively.

Taught by Licia Holloman
Tuesday @ 11:00 – 12:25

Class Code: LA2136

Tuition: $55

Materials Fee: $30

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 3

Required Materials: Paper, Pens (no pencils), thesaurus, highlighter

Textbook: n/a

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