{2020/2021} World History, Literature and Bible – gr 9+

Description: 3 credits

World History. This course is a survey of world history from Creation to the 21st Century. The course discusses civilizations from around the world. A special emphasis is placed on key events, key ideas, key persons, and everyday life in various time periods of world history. The student reads a significant number of original documents and speeches while studying the narrative of lessons.
World Literature. The student reads four classic works of world literature. Emphasis is placed on how the literature reflects the historical settings of the works. The student also has several writing assignments. Most of these are based on historical issues from the
various periods of world history.
Bible: Issues in World History. This course provides an overview of the Bible and Bible history, including both its message of faith and how it complements our understanding of history. The student reads several complete books of the Bible as well as several of the Psalms and portions of other books.
Taught by Michelle Nott
Thursday @ 9:00 – 10:55

Class Code: H2231

Tuition: $65

Materials Fee: $45

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 7

Required Materials: 3-ring binder, paper, colored pens/pencils, highlighter, dictionary, Bible

Textbook: (1) Exploring World History (Notgrass; 2014 edition - as specified below); (2) Four works of Literature as specified in class syllabus

2014 Edition:

  • Exploring World History Volume 1 ISBN 978-1609990619
  • Exploring World History Volume 2 ISBN 978-1609990626
  • In Their Words  ISBN 978-1609990633
  • Exploring World History Quiz and Exam Book  ISBN 978-1609990725
  • Exploring World History Student Review Book ISBN 978-1609990718

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Term: Entire Year 
Minimum Students: 3    Maximum Students:  10 
Accept students mid-semester: Yes