{2020/2021} MS World History and Literature – gr 6-8

Description: From Adam to Us is a Middle School World History and Literature course designed to bring history to life. Major events will be used to provide a framework for understanding the chronology of world history. We will explore the world’s created wonders and how they influenced history and culture, study world landmarks, get to know some of history’s most influential people and delve into everyday life with hands-on activities.

There will be four works of literature assigned to coincide with the time period being studied and a required book report for each. This course will rely heavily on reading the assigned unit and completing homework assignments at home throughout the week.

We will review/discuss the assigned unit, complete hands-on activities, take tests/quizzes and analyze the literature during class time.

Taught by Michelle Nott
Tuesday @ 9:00 – 10:25

Class Code: H2136

Tuition: $55

Materials Fee: $45

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 5

Required Materials: 3-ring binder, paper, colored pens/pencils, highlighter, dictionary

Textbook: (1) From Adam to Us curriculum package; (2) From Adam to Us Lesson Review; (3) Four works of literature to be specified in class syllabus

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Term: Entire Year 
Minimum Students: 3    Maximum Students:  10 
Accept students mid-semester: Yes