{2018/2019} Spanish 1 – gr 9+

Description: This class will use the Bob Jones curriculum. Students will hear, read, write and speak Spanish in every class. Spanish I will introduce verb conjugations, covering verbs in the present and preterite tenses and introducing commands at the end of the year.  Students who consistently do their homework will learn a lot of Spanish this year!

Taught by Tina Castro

Monday and Wednesday @ 1:00 – 1:55

Class Code: FL2230

Tuition: $65

Materials Fee: $5

Estimated Hours of Homework per Week: 3

Required Materials: binder, lined paper, pencil, eraser, red pen, Spanish/English dictionary (not pocket size)

Textbook: (1) Spanish 1 for Christian Schools 2ND EDITION ISBN: 978-1-60682-061-2 OR 978-1591661672; (2) Spanish 1 for Christian Schools Activities Manual ISBN: 978-1-59166-169-6

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Term: Entire Year
Minimum Students: 5  Maximum Students: 14
Accept students mid-semester: No