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Algebra I

Dana Geerts

Grade Level: 8th-10th

Prerequisite: Placement Test

Class Size: Minimum 5/ Maximum 15 students

Supplies: Abeka Algebra 1 (Updated Edition) Student Textbook Abeka# 15509807; Student Quiz/Test Book Abeka # 29491805

Twelve chapters cover real numbers, linear equations in one and two variables, linear inequalities, systems of equations, quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations, and more. New concepts are explained with examples and are followed by practice problem sets; review exercises are also integrated throughout. Word problems are emphasized, and many application problems related to the physical world are included.


Published by ccctoolbox

I have four grown children whom I home educated for over 20 years. My sister and I opened a homeschool resource center, bookstore, and co-op for homeschooling families in the Northeast Texas area in 2006. During this time, we served hundreds of families and hosted seminars to guide and encourage families through all the homeschool years with additional assistance for high school students and their parents with college and career preparation and counseling. Currently, I am a College and Career Counselor for a small, private Christian school. I am completing my fifth year in this position and completed my Guidance Counselor Certification in May 2021. I thoroughly enjoy meeting with students and parents and guiding them towards discovery of their unique callings, gifts, talents, aptitudes and skills that inform their future college and career decisions.

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