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Updated COVID Plans

CERC’s plan is to OPEN!

As of today, CERC plans to begin the 2020-2021 year on time. The board will be closely monitoring all of the happenings with COVID-19 and will make timely decisions as needed.
However, please know that we will not necessarily make decisions in line with local school districts. We plan to be more in line with local churches.

Plan A includes: in-person classes, hand sanitizing stations, frequent wiping down of tables, desks and chairs, daily sanitizing of cloth couches/chairs.
Face coverings will be required in accordance with Dallas County mandates.
To assist in social distancing, Students with more than 1 hour between classes will be required to leave CERC and return no more than 10 minutes before their next class.
Parents must be prompt in picking up students.
Positive COVID test results must be reported to the Director of Education within 24 hours. *Failure to report a positive test result is grounds for dismissal.

Please prayerfully consider volunteering at CERC while your student is in class(es). We will need a small army of volunteers to keep up with cleaning.

Should State and local mandates require a shut down:
Plan B
 includes: on-line classes at the teachers discretion. Not all classes lend themselves to on-line instruction. If we must move to on-line instruction, parents will have the option to drop classes with no penalty or fees. If you would like to discuss our refund policy, please email

CERC will strictly enforce our sick policy which is outlined in our
Parent Guidelines and Responsibilities and states,

” Families agree not to bring students to campus that have had fever, diarrhea, vomiting or other contagious condition in the last 24 hours. CERC is not responsible for administering any medications. Parent is responsible for contacting the instructor(s) directly for any missed class(es) and assignments.”

The board is confident that all of our families will be extremely careful to respect each other by being extra diligent in choosing to keep their family member home if in doubt regarding illness.
If you are new to homeschool and have questions, please email We are happy to assist you!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Seasons of life! My kids are mostly grown and adulting after homeschooling for 15 years. Picked up sewing and quilting again after my mom passed away in December 2018. Have not stopped, and loving it!

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