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We Need Your Help!

We are so glad to have you in the CERC family. We’re currently looking for volunteers for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. To make this year a success, we need your help.
Each family participating in classes has the opportunity to offer aide for as many hours as your student(s) are in class. Commitments for service aide hours are on a monthly basis and will afford a $5 discount towards tuition per month per class. Volunteer opportunities include:

 Parking Monitor responsibilities include:• Ensure all vehicles parked in CERC spaces have CERC permit showing.• Talk with drivers not displaying CERC permit to ensure they are visiting CERC or the Bookstore. If not, politely ask them to move their vehicle to another parking space or risk being towed.• Inform a board member of repeat offenders.• Monitoring the safety of students and families in the parking lot.

 Class Assistant responsibilities include(Instructor must request)• Grading assignments• If instructor needs and requests an assistant, assist instructor with any classroom activities that require more supervision than normal

 Clean-up Crew responsibilities include:• Wiping down tables, desks, door knobs, light switches, bathroom counter, bathroom sink, toilet, kitchen sink, and kitchen counter with disinfecting wipes or spray.• Vacuuming (if possible) and/or sweeping classrooms, bathroom, and kitchen.• Dumping trash cans and replacing trash bags.• Check off check-list each week in supply closet

 Desk Help responsibilities include:• Answer phones and take messages• Sell snacks• Take tuition and write receipts. (Cash or check only)

 Box Top Coordinator responsibilities include:• Plan with Director of Programs monthly incentive program• Gather, trim, and package by 50’s Box Tops• Mail once a quarter Box Tops

 Snack Bar Coordinator responsibilities include:• Monitor what is selling, not selling, expiring from Snack Bar• Purchase items by quantity at best prices• Store, stack, replace items on snack bar• Update pricing list with CERC board member

CERC will honor requests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please let us know what hours you will be available to volunteer and which position you are most interested in. The Service Aide Coordinator will contact you with your approved designated time slot. Aides must sign-in each service hour to show attendance and completion of responsibilities in order to receive your monthly discount.
CERC Board of Directors
Sadly, many of our long time board members have graduated their last student and retired from
homeschool. In addition to the considerable opportunities listed above, we also have several
essential Board positions currently vacant.

Director of Marketing
Director of Programs
Director of Facilities
Director of Communications

We ask that you prayerfully consider utilizing your talents in one of these essential positions.
CERC greatly appreciates your assistance and servant’s heart in order to ensure a clean, safe and orderly environment in which our children will learn and grow. Sign up to volunteer by emailing or call 972-475-4138
Thank you for all you do to make our homeschool community a better place!
Michelle Nott
CERC, Board President

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Seasons of life! My kids are mostly grown and adulting after homeschooling for 15 years. Picked up sewing and quilting again after my mom passed away in December 2018. Have not stopped, and loving it!

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