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The CERC 2016-2017 fall schedule is here!

edu_hghschcalendar_hdr2 No foolin’! We are pleased to offer over 60 classes next year covering all subject areas and grade levels, pre-k through 12th. Regular Enrollment ends June 30th and Late Enrollment begins July 5th.  Don’t miss out on getting enrolled in your favorite classes for the fall.


 CERC is welcoming several new teachers to our top-notch team.  The passion and expertise of our teachers is exceptional, and we are confident that your child’s education will be enriched during his or her time in their classes. Additionally, we are encouraged to see the increasing variety of communities CERC is reaching.  


As you may know, there is a minimum number of students required in order for a class to make.  After you register your own students to hold your spot in classes, then spread the word! Please forward the link to your friends or share it on your social media.  This will help ensure that enrollment numbers support the need for the classes and will also bless families that might not otherwise know of their availability.


You will find links to all of the necessary enrollment forms, an academic calendar, teacher bios, the 2016-2017 class schedule and more!

Published by texashach4

Seasons of life! My kids are mostly grown and adulting after homeschooling for 15 years. Picked up sewing and quilting again after my mom passed away in December 2018. Have not stopped, and loving it!

2 thoughts on “The CERC 2016-2017 fall schedule is here!

  1. Hello,
    We have been involved with CERC off and on since CERC started. We have been involved with ARCHE for several years and are finding ourselves at a crossroads this year. My son Luke is taking Biology I and Spanish I. Are these two classes still available? We are leaving for Hungary on Friday August 5 and will be returning Monday August 15. If these classes are available what would be the best way to enroll before we leave or when we get back?


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