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Valentine Program

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The families of elementary students enrolled in CERC classes are invited to exchange Valentine’s cards and enjoy some fun activities!
When: Friday, February 12th  1:00-2:30 PM
Where: CERC
(Please note:  This is not a drop-off event.  At least one responsible adult family member must stay with the student(s) for the duration of the activity.)
Please write your family’s name, email address, and the number of children who will be exchanging Valentine’s cards on the signup sheet located in the foyer at CERC.
On the day of the party, please bring Valentine’s cards for exchanging and a decorated box or bag to use as a “mailbox.”  You will receive an email the week before the date which will tell you how many cards to prepare.
In the “to” spot on the cards just write “My Friend.”  The cards may be plain or may have small treats attached.  They may be store-bought or homemade. (Get those creative juices flowing!!)
Shoeboxes make great mailboxes and can be decorated in many cute ways.  Keep the boxes as plain or creative as you want.  They just need to be big enough to hold the cares and treats.
Please contact Tabitha Berry, Program Director, at with any questions you may have!

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Seasons of life! My kids are mostly grown and adulting after homeschooling for 15 years. Picked up sewing and quilting again after my mom passed away in December 2018. Have not stopped, and loving it!

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