Dallas County Collegiate Academy

~your Dallas County Community College Dual Credit opportunity!

Hosted by the Christian Educators Resource Center

We are excited to offer this great opportunity to our CERC Families and the home educators of the North East Texas area!  We are also excited to introduce our Dual Credit Counselor, Karen Jennings!

FREE Mandatory Informational Meeting, March 30, 2017 from 6pm-8pm at CERC. You MUST RSVP in order to attend this meeting due to LIMITED SPACE.
Steps to Enroll in DCCA:

I.  Attend Mandatory Informational Meeting at CERC and/or Eastfield College

See our Events Calendar for dates of the next Informational Meeting and RSVP HERE.


II.  Complete DCCA Application for Enrollment Form (completed yearly) and CERC’s Release of Liability for the family

A.  This can be printed from CERC’s website or picked up at the Mandatory Information Meeting

B.  A $65 Application Fee is due at time of DCCA Application. This Fee is annual, non-refundable, and can be applied to CERC’s Family Enrollment Fee if enrolling in CERC classes for same year (a check may be needed to secure application until family enrollment in CERC classes is confirmed – check can then be returned to family)

C.  Once approved, student will be directed to DCCCD’s Dual Credit Checklist, Application and Forms


III.  Complete DCCCD’s Dual Credit Checklist, Application and Forms (completed one time only)

A. This can be started at the Mandatory Informational Meeting or at home

B.  This step takes the most amount of time and will require an updated and notarized high school transcript, Meningitis vaccine, college ID from DCCCD, passing TSI scores (college-readiness test completed at DCCCD), and signed FERPA

C.  At this point, the student and parent will be researching available Dual Credit courses, professors, locations (online and all campuses are available), days and times of desired schedule

D.  Once completed, student will meet with CERC’s Dual Credit Counselor


IV.  Meet with CERC Dual Credit Counselor at CERC during Office Hours

A.  At meeting, forms will be checked, approved, signed and sealed by CERC’s Dual Credit Counselor

B.  Each semester thereafter, an updated Transcript and DCCCD High School Student Enrollment Form must be completed, approved, signed and sealed by CERC Dual Credit Counselor

C.  A Semester Course Fee of $100 (Summer is included in either Spring or Fall) is due at time of meeting. This Fee can be applied to other CERC classes for same year or kept for following semester if courses are not finalized at DCCCD or dropped before the official DCCCD drop date.  After this time, it is non-refundable.

Our CERC Dual Credit Counselor, Karen Jennings,  enrolls and assists students and/or parents with questions throughout semester.

Office Hours will be held weekly at CERC and posted on our schedule.

For Spring 2017, Office Hours will be Tuesday and Thursdays from 12pm-1pm at CERC, 4501 Rowlett Road, Ste 105, Rowlett TX 75088.  
It is not mandatory for students to attend the Office Hours throughout the semester, but can use this time to find assistance with any questions or concerns.  Please feel free to email her at karen.jennings.dual.credit@gmail.com to let her know you are coming.