• {SPRING} Economics – gr 10+ - Description: Using Economics – Work and Prosperity in Christian Perspective (2nd or 3rd Edition), this one-semester course will explain the economic principles of production, supply and demand, competition, inflation, and saving. Beyond the textbook, the course will also briefly review and discuss differing economies around the world.  While satisfying all the requirements for high school … Continue reading {SPRING} Economics – gr 10+
  • American History – gr 10+ - Description:  This course will survey the history of the United States, focusing on events, personalities, and ideas that have shaped America from 1492 to the current millennium.  This text will allow the student a broad overview and class time will be given to discussing the ideas that have shaped our earliest days as a nation … Continue reading American History – gr 10+
  • Government – gr 10+ - Description: This American Government course will seek to give students a clear understanding of the historical and philosophical elements that make the United States a unique nation.  The textbook used is written from a Christian perspective and will serve as the foundational material to satisfy the high school credit requirement but will also serve as … Continue reading Government – gr 10+
  • MS Geography – gr 6-8 - Description: Want your middle school student to know more about the world God gave us?  Know how to use a map and atlas?  Students will learn physical aspects about each continent such as name and location of its highest mountain, longest river, widest dessert, most populated area, and more.  We will explore 3-5 cultures found … Continue reading MS Geography – gr 6-8
  • MS World History – gr 6-8 - Description: From Adam to Us is a Middle School World History and Literature course designed to bring history to life. Major events will be used to provide a framework for understanding the chronology of world history. We will explore the world’s created wonders and how they influenced history and culture, study world landmarks, get to … Continue reading MS World History – gr 6-8
  • World History & Geography – gr 9+ -   Description: History: World History recounts the story of mankind from creation to the present. In this class the student will study different historical ages and be challenged to discover the forces, issues, people, and movements that have shaped our modern world. The text emphasizes how a Christian worldview affects the study of history, illustrating … Continue reading World History & Geography – gr 9+