Susan Swiggart

cropped-cropped-CERC-Home-page-apple.jpgSusan Swiggart attended John Brown University. She has been married to Jeff for 23 years. Mrs. Swiggart homeschooled both of her children who are now grown. As a new empty-nester, she feels blessed to be able to continue to teach homeschoolers. She has taught a variety of subjects in several co-ops over the last 13 years. Because of her love for the written word, she enjoys teaching children of all ages to read and write. She has been teaching IEW for over 10 years and believes it to be the best writing curriculum available. Mrs. Swiggart has also served on leadership boards for Rowlett University Model Co-op and Christian Educator Resource Center. She is passionate about helping homeschool families succeed and find joy in the journey.

CERC Classes for 2015-2016: IEW 1, IEW 2, IEW 2.5

CERC Classes for 2016-2017: IEW 1, IEW 2

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