Joanna Hatton

cropped-cropped-CERC-Home-page-apple.jpgRaised in Zambia, Africa as the child of medical missionaries, Mrs. Joanna Hatton was educated in mission boarding schools before moving to the US to attend college.  She has a BA in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling, a MDiv. equivalency and is working on completing her doctorate in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Married to Bryan, they have 4 children ages 13-21.  Bryan and Joanna began homeschooling when their oldest was in kindergarten.  Fifteen years later, they continue the journey with all 4 – the oldest of whom is an EMT and pursuing a degree in the medical field.  The others are middle and high-school aged.  The family was pleased to find CERC as they moved to Texas during this past school year.

Joanna enjoys teaching and, in addition to her own kids, has taught Latin I and II, Government and Economics, History, Worldview, Old and New Testament Studies, as well as other subjects within homeschool education settings.  She loves to see young men and women engage in conversation around subjects that build both faith and knowledge.

CERC Classes for 2016-2017: Speech & Communications, American History, Worldview, Government/Economics

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